Gravity Academy is a Premier Institute in Mumbai dedicated to and specializing in the preparation of IIT-JEE (Adv, Mains) and all other engineering entrance exams in the country. The Academy was founded in the year 2013 by Mr. Shyam Babu Pandey (Director & Founder), an alumnus of IIT Bombay – Batch 2000. From its very 1st batch of only 32 students, 22 students qualified for JEE Mains 2016 and 16 students finally cracked JEE Advanced 2016.

How are we Different?

Gravity Academy was established with the pure intention of benefiting students, not only the best-performing ones but mostly mediocre students who sometimes get lost in the crowd due to inadequate attention and focus.

Firstly, we have small batches not exceeding 30 students each. We follow it very strictly and there are no compromises made on that front.

Secondly, and most importantly we make sure that every student gets the work done. Majority of the IIT-JEE coaching institutes have well-experienced faculty teams, the similar study material. Even we have the best in-house faculty and a handful of chosen expert visiting faculty, the plethora of study material- The only thing that we do differently is that we make the students work for themselves. No matter how best you teach, a student compulsorily needs to sit down those hours for self-study.

Truth is, there is no shortcut to exceed-

Thirdly, our admission process consists of a Written 1 Hr test based on PCM of Class X level. Students who have crossed a minimum cut-off goes to an interview. The cut off it not set very high as we also want students who are average to reach the interview level. The interview with Shyam Babu Sir is one on one, mostly discussing the student’s level of commitment, eagerness to succeed and most importantly the student’s capability and ability to execute work and assignments allotted to them. If a student is found not suitable for the engineering course, then we would advise the parents and students to rethink their career decision.

Finally, once Gravity has taken custody of your child for the next 2 years you can rest assured that the work will be done in the best interest of the child. Patience and faith from students and parents go a long way in the final outcome. We request all parents not to be hard on the students, as Gravity will already be coaching and providing them with the needful and there is absolutely no requirement of extra burden on the students.


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